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Microsoft System Center Advisor

Proactively analyze installations of your SQL Server, Windows Server, Exchange Server, and SharePoint 2010 through an online service, and generate alerts that identify potential issues.

Proactively avoid problems with ongoing assessment of configuration

System Center Operations Manager is great at alerting server issues as they happen – but what if you could actually prevent server configuration problems before they ever impact your server’s performance or availability? System Center Advisor is an online service that analyzes your Microsoft workloads by collecting data from your installations. Generating alerts that identify potential issues (such as missing security patches) or deviations from identified best practices with regard to configuration and usage.


System Center Advisor ensures that the issues customers report to Microsoft are detected before they affect your environment. Advisor is regularly updated to reflect the most recent experiences of these engineers, who support customers around the world.


Analyze Microsoft workloads

System Center advisor provides configuration analyses for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and above, SQL Server 2008 and above, Exchange Server, Lync server, SharePoint 2010 and System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

Access support from Microsoft’s support engineers

Advisor continually collects data from your installations, analyzes it, and generates alerts that identify potential issues (such as missing security patches) or deviations from identified best practices.

Integrated or standalone

Deploy System Center Advisor into your datacenter with or without System Center, taking advantage of the online service for analysis.

Access configuration change history

Change History enables you to view your configuration data and any changes collected by the Advisor agent over time.

Microsoft System Center
Microsoft System Center Advisor
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